The work shop is having all the modern facilities as per the norms of All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). Facility available for training in C.N.C.Shop, Machine Shop, Turning Shop, Welding Shop, Fitting Shop, Carpentry & Pattern making, Plumbing & Sheet metal, Smithy shop.

Staff List

Sr. No. Name of the staff Department/Section Experience (Years)
1 Prof S. D. Kachave Workshop Superintendent 17
2 Shri. S. B. Lohalekar Foreman 29
3 Shri. P.S. Pawar Fitting 32
4 Shri. V.N. Suryawanshi Welding 32
5 Shri. Y.N. Bhamare Carpentry 30
6 Shri. S.D. Suryawanshi Turning Shop 30
7 Shri. C.S. Deore Machine Shop 22
8 Shri. R.A. Patil C N C 22
9 Shri. P.D. Pagare Sheet Metal/Plumbing 18
10 Shri. V.K. Deore Blacksmithy 10
11 Shri. K.R. Patil Storekeeper 30

Workshop Details

Sr.No. Section Facility available
1 Turning Shop Heavy duty gear driver & HMT Lathe machine, Belt lathe m/c, capstan & turret Lathe Tool grinder M/C etc.
2 Machine Shop Milling machine Shaping M/C Slotting M/C Surface Grinder Drilling etc.
3 Smithy Shop Black smith furnaces with blower, Anvil , swage block etc.
4 Welding Shop Arc welding transformer, gas welding equipment, spot welding etc.
5 Plumbing & Sheet Metal Hand shear, press break, press, Bending m/c, sheet metal equipment & plumbing equipment.
6 C.N.C. Trainer Machines CNC Turning, CNC Milling
6 Carpentry & Pattern Making Wood Turning lathe , planning m/c, Band saw & all other equipment.
7 Fitting Shop Equipped with all necessary equipments .
8 Foundry Shop Moulding & casting equipments.