Principal’s Message

Principal's Message

Prof. Dr. Hitendra D. Patil

Prof. Dr. Hitendra D. Patil

The mission of our institute is to develope technocrats who adapt themselves to the ever- changing Industries requirements. Our alumni work is in a variety of professions such as successful entrepreneurs, industrialists, CEOs, professors, government officials. Discipline strategies imposed in our campus provide a positive environment conducive for student learning. The teaching and learning process is also enhanced by various teaching aids operated by our team of dedicated teachers who are focused to integrate the theoretical and practical knowledge of students.

Although the technical demands of each of the engineering disciplines may differ an engineer irrespective of specialization must be equipped with the soft (non-technical) skills that are becoming increasingly valuable for career success. These are achieved by the comprehensive soft skills trainings conducted along with academics.

I welcome you to be part of the SSVPS family that is contributing in education since 1908, change your world and shape a bright future!